Data Object: Product Set

Get Product Set

{{ data.productSet.get(:id | :alias) }}

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
         id: 1,
         alias: "bestsellers",
         title: "Bestsellers",
         products: [
                  id: 5,
                  alias: 'lego-batman',
                  categoryId: 10,
                  categoryName: "Baby Toys",
                  categoryAlias: "baby-toys",
                  brandId: 2,
                  title: "Lego BatMan",
                  description: "Celebrate THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE with a LEGO BrickHeadz Batman!",
                  seoTitle: "Lego BatMan - Store",
                  seoKeywords: "lego, batman, sale",
                  seoDescription: "Celebrate The Lego Batman Movie",
                  schemaJson: "{}",
                  quantity: 5,
                  price: 9.99,
                  salePrice: 7.5
                  saleStartDate: "", 
                  saleEndDate: "",
                  thumbnail: "",
                  photos: [
                      800: "",
                      300: "",
                      100: ""
                  facebookImageUrl: "",
                  created: {
                      date: "2018-10-06 02:05:21.000000",
                      timezone: "America/Los_Angeles" 
                  updated: {
                      date: "2018-10-06 02:05:21.000000",
                      timezone: "America/Los_Angeles" 

Parameter Type Description
id int Product set identifier
alias string Product set unique alias
title string Product set title
products array Related products int Product Identifier
product.categoryId int Category Identifier
product.categoryName string Category Name
product.categoryAlias string Category Unique Alias
product.brandId int Brand Identifier
product.title string Product Title
product.description string Product Description
product.seoTitle string Meta title
product.seoKeywords string SEO keywords
product.seoDescription string SEO description
product.schemaJson string Schema for search engines
product.quantity int Product availability
product.price float Product actual price
product.salePrice float Product sale price
product.saleStartDate string Product sale start date
product.saleEndDate string Product sale end date
product.thumbnail string Product thumbnail array Product photos
product.facebookImageUrl string Facebook og:image
product.created object Product creation date
product.updated object Product modified date