End Point: Order

Order Checkout


Parameter Type Description
orderId required int Processed order identifier
paymentMethodId required int Payment method identifier
firstName required string Customer First Name
lastName required string Customer Last Name
email required string Customer email address
phone required string Customer phone number
country required int Country identifier of customer
state required string State of customer
city required string City of customer
address required string Customer address
zip string Customer zip code
note string Note for order
shippingRateId int Shipping rate identifier

      orderId: 5,
      paymentMethodId: 2,
      firstName: "Joe",
      lastName: "Cole",
      email: "test@gmail.com",
      phone: "+37492000000",
      country: 1,
      state: "Kotayk",
      city: "Abovyan",
      address: "Nairyan 5",
      zip: "2202",
      note: "Please send yellow color of product",
      shippingRateId: 5 

HTTP1/1 200 OK
      status: 'success',
      merchant: 0


      status: 'success',
      merchant: 1,
      content: '<form action="paymentUrl"></form>'

HTTP1/1 400 Bad Request
      status: 'error',
      message: 'Bad request'

Key Description
system.bad_request Message for bad request
system.product_is_not_available Product availability less than order item quantity