Data Object: Predefined Objects

Twig objects contain properties to output dynamic content on the page.
For example, the store object contains an property called title that can be used to output the title of a store.

Now let's consider all of the available objects, methods and attributes



{{ request.get(:key) }}

Attribute Type Description
key string Key of GET request

{{ request.url() }}

Type Description
string Current url without language prefix

{{ }}

Type Description
string Current page via module and action (ex. "main/home")


{{ auth.isGuest() }}

Type Description
boolean Check user authenticated status, 0 if guest, 1 if authenticated user

{{ }}

Type Description
int Authenticated user id, 0 if guest, >0 if authenticated user


{{ flash.get(:message) }}

Attribute Type Description
message string Message key of flashMessenger


{{ handle.error(:httpCode) }}

Attribute Type Description
httpCode int Http Code (available only 404)

{{ handle.redirect(:url, :httpCode) }}

Attribute Type Description
url string Url for redirect
httpCode int Http Code (default code is 301)


{{ store }}

Property Type Description
id int Store identifier
title string Store title
email string Contact email address of store
subDomain string Store sub-domain
subDomainVerifiedStatus int Store sub-domain verified status
domain string Store domain
domainVerifiedStatus int Store domain verified status
description string Store description
facebookProfile string Facebook profile url of store
googleProfile string Google profile url of store
youtubeProfile string Youtube profile url of store
twitterProfile string Twitter profile url of store
linkedinProfile string Linkedin profile url of store
pinterestProfile string Pinterest profile url of store
instagramProfile string Instagram profile url of store
expiredDate string Plan expired date of store
themeId int Selected theme identifier
themeType int Selected theme type
location object Location of store
location.countryId int Country identifier of store string Country name of store
location.state string State name of store string City name of store string Phone number of store
location.address string Address of store string Zip code of store


{{ language }}

Property Type Description
id int Language identifier
prefix string Language prefix


{{ asset(:source) }}

Attribute Type Description
source string Asset source

Base Url

{{ baseUrl }}

Type Description
string Base url of store without language prefix